How Much You Need To Spend For a Wedding Photographer?

When you recruit a professional wedding photographer, it costs more than just an hourly charge because of the transportation and the cost of packing and/or renting equipment.

It is hard for a photographer to get everyone to cooperate in each photo. There is also time to communicate with each participant and make revisions or extra alternatives.

The photographer must also consider lighting at the event center in order to know what he or she is dealing with and usually must take a special trip there in preparation.

More than 60 percent of people don’t plan their wedding budget correctly and are often surprised when they first see a pictorial pricelist. Recruiting a wedding photographer is one of the most important things to accomplish. Many experts recommend that couples allocate 10-15 percent of their wedding budget to hire a professional.

On an average, you will have to employ a decent photographer for approximately $1000 – 3000. The pricing may vary depending on the area where you live.

While the pricing may appear to be very costly, you must understand that a wedding photographer spends an average of 30 – 40 hours on every wedding. Photographers participate in planning discussions and generally have to visit your place unless you employ a local specialist. Hire popular photographers in Melbourne for your wedding photography like Victor Yang, who assures incredible pictures at a reasonable price.


A photographer has to spend several hours on photographs after the wedding. If you require a nice marriage album, remember that it costs extra. You need to hire an expert photographer, who is proficient in his job to capture your wedding moments beautifully. So, spending some decent amount to hire the best photographer is worth it to make this event memorable and lasting.