Lalbazaar Review

In the longest time, I was actually craving for something so mysterious, thrilling and revenge taking scenes in a web series. ZEE5 has completed that wish and how. Lalbazaar trailer looks stunning, complete suspense and made so beautifully. The trailer is doing so well and has encouraged people to make it binge-watch as it releases.

It stars a bunch of lovely actors named Gaurav Chakraborty Kaushiki Sen, Sabyasachi Chakraborty and Sauraseni. It is directed by Sayantan Ghosal and the surprise element is the narration of the whole story is done by Ajay Devgn. It would definitely be more exciting and interesting to see how the combination works because in the trailer it is extremely welcoming and addictive.

To begin with, the story is based in city life and it is inspired by true events. To see a criminal case which is based on true events is thrilling and equally mind-bending because it is something that has happened for real. The plot begins with someone finding a bag in which small pieces of the body of a woman were found who was brutally murdered. The case is registered to city police who then begin their set of investigation. The criminal case is very intense and it puts them into multiple thoughts. As their investigation begins, one after the other they find that many people might be directly or indirectly connected with this crime.

Soon they deepen the investigation and the story gets thicker and thicker as they move ahead. In all this, they arrive at a conclusion that all the people involved might be because of some revenge or lust or sex or power. Though the reason is pretty unknown this is not a usual case. To see such a brilliant series with so many eye-catching scenes is something that we all need to watch. It does seem that all the team has worked pretty hard to bring this series out. The actors are portraying the characters with a lot of conviction and that is what makes it even more interesting to watch.

If you have read the tagline of this series it says Law without limits. Now that is definitely a very huge statement to make and since it is based on a real-life event, it is going to be very interesting to see what it actually means. So, tune into ZEE5 and see it for yourself. The city police commissioner has also put in his efforts to solve the mystery case. The crime drama TV series are rare and this one is going to make it big. It is actually nice to see how ZEE5 is giving a chance to new talent and helping them set a bar high for themselves. Portraying such suspense-filled stories is difficult and with so many twists and turns, this series is going to keep us glued to our chairs and not let us move for a second. It is definitely going to be a classic weekend watch for all.