Recent Trend in Bollywood Can Define Indian Cinema

In India, films define socio-cultural trends more than anything else. Since the 1950s, the film has shown the country’s thoughts and behaviors, whether it be happy or angry. People love watching movies in India and Bollywood has influenced people for style, lifestyle, and many other things as it is the most famous industry in India. And it has produced some massive superstars whose fan following is all around the world.

Pandemic worldwide has made it impossible for people to enjoy watching movies in theaters. Not only has this led to a shift from traditional theaters to OTT, but it has also led to the discovery of new genres from other countries, like K-drama. Due to such OTT platforms, there is diversified content to watch on the internet. Hence it provides plenty of options for consumers to watch movies, series, or shows from countries around the globe.

Over the years, Bollywood entertainment was all about the stars since it was aggressively creating hypes for movies by promoting them on various platforms. Large production banners employed this strategy for marketing movies, spending an unbelievable amount of money.

Back then, celeb news was the essential core of the strategy as the stars get to indulge in activities such as live events, visiting different cities to create the hype for the movies. But in recent years, it has been a mixture of social media to target the new-age audience. The millennials and gen-z spend a great deal of time on social media, so connecting with them would be the perfect opportunity.

The inclination of audiences’ tastes has shifted due to the availability of diversified content through OTT platforms. It also indicated that the new-age audiences crave new and compelling ideas. Among the most significant aspects of films for young audiences is the storyline, and more importantly, the narration of them should be engaging. Before the pandemic, box office hits have shown that novelty is in high demand. So, we can say that content is the king now and also in the future.

Most superstars used to do massy films and it was less on substance. However, the upcoming or new talent prefers to work more on content-based movies. By making films more story-driven, it broadens the picture for other directors, producers, musicians, and many other players in the cinema business. However, they also started making movies that combine many aspects, with PK being a prime example of such a film. The movies that are engaging, different from what is expected, and have a good plot have been highly appreciated by both older and younger audiences.

But Bollywood movies are incomplete without superstars because they had more influence on people over the years. And people tend to follow the lifestyle news of celebrities as they are always curious about their lives.