The Stand Up Comedian Popularity for You Now

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You dream of becoming a comedian but you do not know where to start? You can take the example of Kaneez Surka the famous stand up comedian in You Tube.

Step 1: Test yourself

Before you start, make sure you are done for this job. We do not invent professional humorist. To make a public laugh is a real challenge is not within the reach of everyone. It’s not the same as entertaining the small circle of friends or family. So, try yourself in public. To do this, nothing like trying to try an unknown audience. If the audience reacts favorably, renew the experience to improve yourself, understand what makes you laugh or not. This is the little trick, register to find out what triggers laughter or what does not, and review your text accordingly.

Step 2: Write, re-write, and try again

The basis of a good comedian is his text. It is therefore essential to have some material already because a comedian, if he must know how to improvise, always prepares his lyrics. This is all the art of passing the “by heart” for natural. And make no mistake, even the biggest leave no room for chance. So you need to prepare texts, and rework them constantly depending on what works or not. You will understand, the most important is therefore to train, both written and oral.

Step 3: Do not get discouraged

Your first public essays may prove to be failures. So do not be afraid of the fiasco and arm yourself with patience. Do not worry, if you have the fiber of a comedian, some aftershocks will take. Once you have identified what makes your style and what pleases, work on it and especially do not let go.

Step 4: Assert yourself

Now that you have worked your texts and you are practiced in public, the hardest thing is still to be done: stand out and have your own brand. It is normal to take inspiration from the work of others, but know that the competition is fierce. So you create a unique style that belongs only to you, whether in mimicry, the way of speaking, the intonations , the gestures, or the topics addressed. Finally, it is always good to remember that plagiarism is a crime. Never poke the ideas of others, your future reputation could suffer.

Step 5: Start.

Once you are confident, get started. It’s now a question of making yourself known. Work on your communication and your visibility. Feel free to use social networks like Facebook and Twitter, the Internet will be of great help here. For example, you can post your videos on sites like Youtube, Dailymotion , or Vimeo . It is an easy way to reach a large audience, but beware of the other side of the coin. To go too fast and to post anything, the painting could be ruthless.

We also encourage you to participate in humor festivals. These festivals of humor can allow you to make you known. They often have an evening dedicated to young talents with a contest. It’s your chance to get noticed and make contacts with producers, programmers and other comedians.