The Ultimate Guide to Korean Drama Merchandise

Korean dramas, known for their captivating storylines and emotional depth, have amassed a global fanbase that cherishes every aspect of these productions. 

From the best K dramas of all time to the latest hits, the allure of Korean pop music and dramas has transcended borders, creating a thriving market for Korean drama merchandise

This guide delves into the exciting world of merchandise inspired by beloved K-dramas, offering fans a way to celebrate their favorite shows through collectibles, fashion, and memorabilia. 

Whether you’re new to the scene or a seasoned enthusiast, explore how K-drama merchandise can bring a piece of these unforgettable stories into your everyday life.

How do K-pop albums work?

An album will always include a photobook, a poster, a tradeable photocard with a member or group photo on it, and a CD in addition to other extras like stickers or a standee. Pre-order freebies, which can range from photocards to an additional photobook, are frequently given to customers who pre-order albums before they are released. 

Occasionally, individual retailers will also supply pre-order gifts in addition to those offered by the record label. Albums are frequently available in multiple editions, each with a different layout for the photobook, poster, photocards, etc. 

You can either select your favorite version or decide to collect them all, which would be costly but rewarding. Similarly, there’s a booming photocard market if you’re looking to collect a particular group member, but that’s outside the purview of this article.

All the contents of a newly released album are sealed, along with your selection of a photocard, poster, and occasionally an entirely random album version. The poster, photocard, and other extras are frequently absent from used albums, while they are available for purchase individually. 

Famous Korean Drama Merchandise That You Should Have

  1. See You In My 19th Life

In this K-drama, Ban Ji-eum, the main character, can recall all of her previous incarnations. She is looking for the love she experienced in her 18th life in her 19th existence. Now that she has tragically died in her eighteenth life, she wants to get back in touch with that man.

See You In My 19th Life merchandise includes things like a cover, mini book, photo book, photo cards, posters, and more. Everything will be contained in the official record packaging.

  1. Goblin: The Lonely and Great God

Goblin, sometimes known as “The Lonely and Great God,” is a well-known Kdrama that is adored by people worldwide. starring Kim Shin, an immortal goblin, as “Gong Yoo.” This goblin seeks a wife who is capable of taking the invisible sword from Kim Shin’s breast.

The Goblin’s spouse, Kim Go-Eun, has been placed on the other side of Gong Yoo. School kid Ji Eun-Tak (Kim Go-Eun) can see and communicate with ghosts. The spirits continued to claim that she was the goblin’s spouse.

Later on, when Ji Eun-Tak and the Goblin both admit that she is the Goblin’s wife, she also claims to be able to see the swords on his chest. Many individuals all around the world already possess goods featuring the highly popular songs from this Kdrama.

Fans adore this series because it features a lovely and captivating plot with an attractive cast that excels in performing. We’re sure you’d like some Goblin merch if you’ve seen the movie as well.

  1. Strong Woman Do Bong-soon

“Do Bong-soon” was portrayed by Park Bo-young. After noticing Min-hyuk’s strength, the male lead character decides to hire a bodyguard. CEO of a gaming company Min-hyuk develops feelings for Park Bo-young with every episode.

However, Park Bo-young, who had a childhood infatuation with Guk-doo, also develops feelings for him despite her confusion. Do Bong-soon’s Strong Woman is another well-known drama that was adored by many.

Therefore, if you’re certain that you also desire Strong Woman Do Bong-soon stuff, go ahead and get it. It is readily available in stores and online at all Kpop and Kdrama outlets.

What To Avoid While Buying Korean Drama Merchandise?

Watch out for new GOM scams as well; inexperience can occasionally result in mistakes, so don’t simply be cautious of new GOM scams where the con artist disappears with your money. Always pay for Goods & Services when in doubt. 

Prior to making any payments, find out how to initiate a PayPal claim. Additionally, be cautious when interacting with GOMs who are minors, as you could have to deal with their parents or guardians in the event that something goes wrong (albeit this is rare). 

Though I’ve stated it before, it needs repeating: stay away from GOMs who refuse G&S payments. Watch out for GOMs who run too many orders at once; in my opinion, a red flag should be raised for every order total above ten. 

The worst-case scenario is that the orders get so overwhelming that the GOM becomes overly overwhelmed, ghosts buyers, and takes their money. 

The best-case scenario is that the GOM is a little slow or disorganized with handling so many orders at once. Although it’s uncommon for GOMs to charge commission on albums, I notice that they frequently do so with pricey, uncommon, or limited-edition items like concert merch. 

While I don’t think this is always wrong—it can occasionally be expensive and challenging to obtain items—I would always do the math to see what kind of profit they might be making before entering a GO that charges commission. 


In the ever-expanding universe of Korean pop music and dramas, the appeal of collecting Korean drama merchandise is undeniable. Whether you’re passionate about the best k drama OST or the latest releases, these items offer a tangible connection to your favorite shows and characters. 

From exclusive collectibles to fashion accessories and photobooks, each piece of merchandise allows fans to celebrate and express their love for the captivating world of K-dramas. 

As the popularity of these shows continues to grow, so does the diversity and creativity of the merchandise, providing endless opportunities for fans to enhance their viewing experience and keep the magic of their beloved dramas alive.