Youtube Subscriber Increases: Your Options

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When entering the tags you can ask yourself what the subject of the video is, the keywords on which you want to be found, the location when it comes to a local video, the experts in the market or the channels that are similar to the video.

Always use an ‘own’ tag

Following the above tip, I also recommend that you use a ‘made-up’ tag that only you use with your videos. This way you prevent your competitors from appearing in the related videos. Instead, your videos will also be included with the related videos. You can buy youtube subscribers there now.

Place a good description with your YouTube Video

It often takes a while to write a good and detailed description with your YouTube video, which is why many YouTubers do not. With this you immediately make it easier for a viewer on YouTube and you make it easier for YouTube to index your video in the search results.

Optimize your video for the YouTube search results

In the above tip we mentioned it shortly, YouTube has its own search engine and you can also optimize your video to be placed higher in these results, just as it works with a website in the Google search results. You can read how you can best optimize your video in this blog about YouTube SEO.

Use a custom thumbnail for your YouTube Video

With a custom thumbnail for your video, your video will stand out more among all YouTube search results, with which you will get more clicks from those search results. We have written a separate blog about creating custom thumbnails and how to set them up. Here you can read everything about a modified thumbnail on YouTube.

Use your resources to promote your YouTube video

When you publish a YouTube video online, you cannot assume that everyone will watch this video from scratch and that the video will be found. For example, do you already have a mailing list or a following on other social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram? Send a tweet, mail or mail to this target group, these people is already interested in what you do. Simply go to website  for the best choices.

Buy YouTube views

Maybe you have already seen it buy past, you can buy YouTube views just like you can buy Facebook likes. These are only fake views of automatic bots and YouTube is fighting this. You can therefore get a number of views, but these will disappear after a few days and your video will be placed lower in the search results.

In addition, you can also ask yourself what the use is of buying YouTube views, the views are bots and they will never be interested in your products or buy anything from you. So you really have nothing, except that there are a nice number of views with your video.

Place related videos as outro with your video with YouTube Annotations

You can make your outro interactive with YouTube Annotations. This way you can link to other videos from your channel. When you do this at the end of your video, chances are much greater that a viewer of your video will click through to another video of yours. In this blog article you can read everything about the use of YouTube Annotations.