101 of Projection-Mapping Technology

Have you ever wondered how a projector can be used to create a magical and mesmerizing experience? Projection mapping is one of the incredible gifts to technology. This technique was first introduced in the 2000s, and it has evolved over the years.

Projection mapping is the art of blending projected images, music and animated graphics to create an illusion. A successful projection and its experience can be imprinted in someone’s memory for a long time.

With this projection technique, any surface can be covered with dynamic visuals, transforming reality into fantasy. A projection mapping company can help you transform your content and project it wherever you want to.

What is Video projection mapping?

Projection mapping has evolved a lot in the past few years. Video projection mapping aims to transform a simple content into an illusion of augmented reality. Video projection mapping can be used in the theatrical event, making live videos, award shows, etc. This technique has been in the light for a long time, and it only gets creative as it ages.

A projection mapping company usually recruits experts to help you create an amplified version of your content to grab the attention of the audience

Creating content for projection mapping can be creative and time-consuming at the same time. The creation of content for video projection mapping comes with your existing skillset and harmony of innate creativity. An artist needs to have an eye for every detail to execute a successful projection mapping.

2D vs. 3D projection

There are two different types of projection mapping, 2D and 3D. Here ‘D’ denotes dimension. So in 2D you will be able to see two dimensions, i.e., height and weight. But 3D projection adds another element, i.e. depth. Let’s get a better understanding.

2D projection mapping

2D projection’s main focus is on plain surfaces like a building wall or white screen. This type of projection might seem easy, but it comes with different complexities. The edges of flat surfaces are difficult to fill in while projecting a 2D image. However, various tools help the artist blend the images, which doesn’t leave a spot to catch the audience’s attention. This technique is known as Edge Blending.

3D projection mapping

3D projection can project content onto three-dimensional objects. Projection mapping companies usually possess all kinds of equipment that helps to project 3D images on a surface or objects. Their mind-blowing effects can alter the color of a car or bring a ballerina dancer to life.

Is projection mapping expensive?

Projection mapping can be expensive. These services require a massive amount of expertise, technicians and above all, equipment thus, leading it to high-cost value. Although, consulting with a projection mapping company could lift this burden off of you. These experts can create content as per your custom made plans and budget.


Be it a grand concert or historical storytelling; projection mapping is creating a whole new way of demonstrating the subject. The viewers not only become mesmerized after experiencing a well-executed projection mapping; they also cherish that memory for a long time.