How to arrange instant open photo booth collections for wedding and party celebration?

When you are trying to install an open photo booth in Sydney, you must pick the perfect spot where you can set up the same. Your photo booth should be at a spot that is easy to find for your guests. However, make sure you do not place it at a spot that interrupts the natural flow of your big day. The best locations for these impromptu photo booths are the corners on the dance floor or the coat closets you are not using on that day. If you are hosting an outdoor event, and if you have plenty of space to spare over there, you can set up the photo booth over there too.

First, find a suitable location for the open photo booth in Sydney. Then you have to take some measurements. After that, you can start planning for the pictures.

Building a backdrop for the photo booth

This is one way to have the best portfolio at the open photo booth in Sydney. Just the very fact that your near and dear ones are enjoying your big day would make for picture-perfect frames. However, you can always add to that with a stylish backdrop. You may have never drilled a hole or used a hammer in your life. In that case, making a photo booth backdrop could seem to be beyond you. However, you need not worry – just choose one which is easy to execute.

You can find several such items at your local craft store like:

  • ribbons
  • streamers
  • fabric
  • flowers
  • balloons

You can use all these and change an ordinary wall to an extraordinary one. This way you can create a photo booth backdrop that people can only dream of. Are you renting a space for your wedding? Are you using the home of your friend or another family member for the big day?

In that case, you would have to take permission for what you can do and what you cannot do. This would also give you an idea of the open photo booth in Sydney arrangements you can make over there. For example, in rented space, they may not permit you to hang anything on the wall. You need to get this right because otherwise, you may have to pay for damages once your wedding is over. It is always better in these cases to opt for paper tapes that can be removed easily.

You can also use those temporary fasteners and hooks that do not cause any damage to the walls. You can also buy a pre-made backdrop for your open photo booth in Sydney. They are the most convenient options in these cases. All you have to do is hang them up and take them down later on.

Use lights to brighten the pictures

Lighting is an important part of every open photo booth in Sydney. They make the pictures taken over there look a lot brighter. So, this is one reason why open photo booth is ideal for your next event. A good photo is not worth much if you cannot see the people in it. This is where lights become so important in this context. They can make or break the entire experience. Therefore, do not compromise on lights when you are setting up such a photo booth.

You may consider camera flash as an option in these cases. However, since here the guests are taking the photos themselves, the results could be less than palatable most of the time. Therefore, look for areas in the wedding venue with a lot of natural light and set up the open photo booth in Sydney over there. If it is dark outside, or if the room has no or small windows, you can use lamps. You can use the cheap floor lamps and light them up with daylight bulbs. They would make the space brighter and your guests would have all the lights they need to take the best photos. If you want it to be foolproof, ask your venue or the photographer to arrange the lights.

Use props to make the photo booth playful

The one reason we use an open photo booth in Sydney is to differentiate it from proms, where there are designated places, where the participants have to stand, pose, and take a photo. The smiles in those photos look artificial. This is where the props in a wedding photo booth can make all the difference. The most prominent options in this context are:

  • costumes
  • hats
  • sunglasses
  • masks
  • toys
  • paper speech bubbles

However, you are only limited over here by your imagination. The idea is to free up your guests so they can let go and be at their silliest best.

If you are not too much into art and crafts, you can buy photo booth prop designs, which can be downloaded and printed, and stick them to dowel rods. You can ask a friend, who is a proficient artist, to help you create these props.

Adding a photo booth frame

This is something that you can always try as part of your open photo booth in Sydney. It is not as if frames are good only for displaying the photos. They have a much more important role to play in a wedding photo booth as they can help your guests get a great shot. Do not use glass in such frames and also make them as big as possible. This will create a unique space where the guests can get together and create those memorable frames that make your big day even more special for one and all.

Shooting and sharing the photo booth pictures instantly

You can also have such facilities at your open photo booth in Sydney. In these cases, the photo booth can work as the selfie station for the guests, while your wedding photographer goes about the customary clicks. This way you would not have to use the disposable cameras that might run out of film quickly. Yet another disadvantage of these devices is they do not offer any preview of the picture being taken.