A Quick Guide On Custom Paint By Numbers 

Why not turn a photograph into a painting because every picture tells a story?

Do you want to do something different and unique? Start with Paint by Numbers if you’re new to painting. Paint by Numbers is a splendid approach to hone your painting abilities. Why? Paint by Numbers lets you create a masterpiece by following simple instructions: match the number to the color it corresponds to.

In addition to the presets offered in custom paint by numbers, we now provide Customized kits, which turn your favorite image into a canvas on which you can paint! You may personalize Paint by Numbers Custom kits according to your preferences, making them a great gift idea for a special loved one on any occasion or a treat for yourself to enjoy. With every brushstroke, whether a selfie or a favorite photo of your pet, you’ll be reminded of the happy moment. On our Custom Designs, we provide a variety of alternatives to fit your desires.

Selecting The Ideal Images For Your Custom Paint By Numbers:

Of course, you can choose whatever image you want, but keep in mind that the pictures you choose will significantly impact the ultimate finish of your painting, so this stage is crucial. When selecting the appropriate image for your Paint by Numbers bespoke kit, keep the following points in mind:

  1. Choose a photo that is bright, contrasted, and sharp.
  2. The background should be kept simple so that the primary figure, rather than its surroundings, is the focal point of the painting.
  3. Make sure the image is clear and not smudged.
  4. Please pay close attention to the smallest details; they will make or break your artwork.
  5. Choose an easier-to-paint photo, especially if this is your first time using Paint by Numbers.
  6. If you’re choosing a photo of your pet, a close-up perspective will help it be more detailed and subject-focused.
  7. Keep your photo’s aspect and ratio in mind. Since the bulk of the bespoke kits are 16 x 19 inches/40 x 50 cm, choosing a photo with a 4:5 aspect ratio is critical.

Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Custom Paint By Numbers Kit

Find a well-lit space where you can focus entirely on the task. This can assist you in concentrating and focusing.

To avoid paint stains, cover your workspace with old newspapers.

Put a cloth on top of your canvas and iron it on low to medium heat if it has creases.

  1. Prepare tissue paper and a cup filled with water. This will keep your brushes hydrated. Additionally, this might assist you in cleaning your brush when switching to a new color.
  2. (THIS IS AN OPTION, BUT IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) Take a photo of your canvas with your digital camera. As a result, you’ll have a digital reference that you may use to zoom in on the numbers if you’re confused.
  3. Begin by painting one digit at a time. To keep the paint from drying out, keep the paint pots closed while not in use.
  4. Work with the darker colors first, then the lighter ones.
  5. Paint from left to right as you move from top to bottom to keep the paint from smudging into your palm.
  6. To maximize the precision of your strokes, use the brush’s tip.
  7. After each usage, make sure to clean your brushes.
  8. Make it a practice to check your paint’s consistency before you begin painting.
  9. Wait for the canvas to dry completely after you’ve finished.

When your canvas is completely dry, frame it and hang it somewhere in your home once you’re finished with it. It will make you feel extremely accomplished!

Unleash your inner artist with these EASY-TO-USE custom paint-by-numbers kits for kids and adults. One of the best ways to unwind and relax. Make your own wall art to show off to your relatives and friends.

Do you have a question or require assistance with your custom paint-by-numbers order? Please contact us at support@paintbynumbersonline.com if you have any questions.