How to keep your little ones entertained when you’re waiting around 

Having to wait for something can test even the most patient adult. The problem is that for parents, having to wait in lines or other places is made even tougher as they have bored children to look after too. 

Don’t worry, we are here to help! We’ve put together the best ways to bust boredom for your little ones when you’re waiting around. 

Watch cartoons 

Watching cartoons are a great way to entertain your kids when you’re stuck in a line. For starters, they will hold their attention and keep them still for extended periods of time. Secondly, you simply to have them ready on your device which makes them convenient. Finally, they’re also actually good for your kids – especially if you choose the right free kid’s cartoons. These cartoons won’t cost you anything, and they have been designed to educate your children as they entertain them. 

Play I spy 

I spy is a game that children have loved for years, and the good news for parents is that it can be played virtually anywhere at any time. As long as there are multiple things around that you and your children can see and name then you have everything that you need! 

Play cards 

Cards are another great activity that can be enjoyed anywhere. Cards are small, which makes them very portable and easy to take with you. So, word to the wise, try to keep a pack of cards on you for exactly these types of situations. Make sure that you have taught your children a few games beforehand because trying to introduce them to something new whilst waiting in line will not be easy. 

20 questions 

This is a very simple game that can be enjoyed anywhere that also helps to engage your child’s mind. If you haven’t played before, the game is simple; one person thinks of something or someone and the other players need to figure out what it is within 20 questions. Before the game starts, make a rule that the thing that people are guessing must fall within a certain category – such as animals, or film characters. This will make it easier for everyone involved. 

Brush up on learning 

Time spent waiting can be used to test your children’s knowledge in a fun way. Use this time to help them brush up on things like their times tables, spelling, or other topics like capital cities or geography. If you can prepare in advance, you could even put together some interesting 

Word games

Another option is to play a word game like telling a story one sentence at a time or the alphabet game where you have to name things within a certain category that start with a certain letter. 

Wrapping Up

Next time you find yourself waiting around with your children, use one of the activities in this article to help keep everyone entertained!