Indian Film Industry’s Resilience In The Face Of The Pandemic

The pandemic period has been of tremendous stress for almost every industry, and the Indian film industry was no different. During this phase, there were also mud-slinging, acquisitions, and scandals in addition to the financial crisis and restrictions on work. Hundreds and thousands of Bollywood memes are made on them every day. As a whole, it was a difficult time for industry members. Fortunately, the sun shone brightly on the industry members, and our favourite industry passed the test with flying colours. To reform its reputation and remain relevant, the industry took several steps to stabilize its position. Here are some of the steps that Bollywood took to consolidate its place in the hearts of its audience.

  • The casting became more inclusive- Many fingers were pointed at the decision-makers of the industry regarding nepotism and fewer opportunities presented to outsiders. Eventually, more attention was paid by industry stakeholders to ensure that their movies are more inclusive. Many outsiders have been given opportunities. People of different heights, races, colours, and castes have been able to showcase their talents.
  • Representation got broader- Giving quality to regional content through online streaming platforms has been an irreplaceable change in the narrative and demand for content. While films from Kerala continue to surprise us with their spellbinding and emotion-provoking storytelling, many Hindi films continue to disappoint us. Influenced by these high standards for content, the yardsticks for more engaging quality have been raised greatly.
  • Content of high quality-The stories of human frailty, hubris, family relationships, good and evil, crime and judgment have sustained and nourished us. The story of Mandela, a story about caste, democracy, and marginalization told with humour and compassion, was moving. The Resumption of Drishyam is another gripping tale of crime and punishment. These movies do well in the Box office as well. As a final note, The Great Indian Kitchen is a heart-wrenching portrayal of relentless domestic slavery, giving voice to millions of women. Movie enthusiasts around the globe appreciate such riveting content.
  • More emphasis on stories- Stories from all nooks and corners of the nation are getting a place in the movies. The audience enjoys movies from even small budgets, unlike the era when only stories from big cities with high drama and unrealistic twists were popular.
  • Today, directors and scriptwriters can work on a wide range of projects, catering to a wide range of audiences, and exploring mature content. Under the strict regulation of the regulatory boards, such freedom was impossible.
  • OTT Platforms- The online video streaming platforms have been a game-changer for the industry, as they provided a platform for the movies to get released. The wheel of the industry was able to keep moving, and new movies were made amid the pandemic only because of these incredible platforms. These OTT platforms even provide celebrity updates to their fans. The OTT platforms are credited with saving the employment of thousands of people related to the show business and keeping the show going!