Keep These Tips in Mind when Hiring a Live Band to Perform at your Wedding

Couples have a lot to think about when planning their wedding. One aspect they often find stressful is hiring entertainment. Unless you are a seasoned wedding planner, it can be difficult to understand the kind of entertainment that will create the perfect atmosphere.  But, if you have decided to hire MJB Toronto wedding entertainment, there are also things you must keep in mind. When making arrangements to have live music at your party, the following is a guide to help you make it right:

Know in Advance when the Band will Set Up

If you want to hire a live band to perform in the same room as your meal, consider whether they set up before, during, or after dinner. Typically, it takes an hour for a band to set up, but you must leave an extra thirty minutes to be on the safe side. If you want the band to set up after dinner, ensure you get your guests out of the way quickly. Also, ensure the venue knows they must clear the stage as quickly as possible. 

Start the Band at the Right Time

At typical weddings, guests have often spent a long time sat down during dinner and listening to speeches. And when all speeches are over, people will want to stretch their legs, spend time with friends sitting on the other side of the room, or leave the room for some fresh air. Thus, starting the band too early means they perform at a time when people are still not in the mood for it. But, make sure you don’t also start the band too late. 

Help People Get Settled 

During weddings, guests tend to be moved from one area to another. You must have some ushers to direct people at various stages of the day. This is something you must pay attention to as the band is setting up after the meal. You don’t want the band to be ready to set up only to wait for half an hour while people are milling around and making their way to the bar. 

Plan when your Live Band will Change and When they Eat

Remember that your hire live band needs somewhere to change. Ideally, their changing room is something they can use for the rest of the evening. You must consider this as soon as possible so you can reserve the best space at the wedding venue. 

Professional function bands ask for a hot meal at evening events and you must know the best time to serve them. Because there may not be enough time for the band members to eat between sets, they should be served their meals before they start playing.