Tips for guests when using a wedding photo booth

Attending a wedding with a photo booth? As a guest, here are some tips to get the most out of the photo booth experience:

Be creative with props

  • Don’t be shy about using the props! The silly hats, signs, masks, and accessories are there for you to get playful and fun with your photos. 
  • Mix and match props with your group and make each photo unique. Strike poses using different hats, glasses, boas – anything goes.
  • If kids are in the photo, let them go wild with the props. They’ll love playing dress up and making faces in the booth.

Have fun with poses

  • Beyond just smiling at the camera, get interactive with your group. Give hugs, kisses on the cheek, fist bumps, or other fun poses.
  • Get creative with hand-heart shapes, jumping shots, peace signs, or other trendy photo gestures.
  • Act out scenarios like popping champagne, catching bouquets, smearing wedding cake – this is your chance to ham it up!

Capture a variety of groupings 

  • Gather solo shots of each person so everyone gets an individual photo from the booth. 
  • Get photos with your spouse or significant other for cute couple pics.
  • Shoot with your friends, family members, kids – any groupings you want to remember.
  • Don’t forget photos with the bride and groom if possible!

Leave fun messages

  • If the wedding photo booth has dry-erase boards or speech bubble signs, use them to write the bride and groom’s custom messages.
  • Song lyrics, inside jokes, well wishes, or words of advice make great photo booth notes. 
  • The big day for the bride and groom is an occasion to be funny, but keep it PG!

Sign the photo strip

  • Find a pen and sign your name or leave a note on the printed photo strips.
  • The bride and groom will likely collect these in a photo album, so make it personal for them. 
  • Get creative doodling on the pics or use digital features to draw mustaches, crowns, etc.

By taking full advantage of the props, poses, and customization features, you’ll have a blast in the photo booth creating one-of-a-kind memories the bride and groom will treasure. Let your silly side shine and capture the fun of this special day!

Take boomerang GIFs

If the booth has a GIF option, try taking some fun mini-videos. Boomerang GIFs of you dancing, jumping, blowing kisses or dancing will look awesome.

Use the guest book 

If there’s a photo booth guest book, take a second to sign it and leave a note congratulating the newlyweds. Having this keepsake will be very special to you.

Watch the timer

Keep an eye on the photo countdown timer so you strike your pose right before it snaps. This avoids shots of you still getting ready.

Share the prints 

The bride and groom will likely collect a copy of the prints. But share your pics on social media or with other guests so everyone has their memories.

Thank the attendant 

If a photo booth attendant is helping, thank them for their time and for making the booth run smoothly for you and the guests.