Tools you should use for Better Video Editing

People consume a huge amount of content every day. From movies to books, different types of content have an impact on us daily. As the times changed, we saw one form of content gain traction – videos. Videos are the most consumed form of media. The visual, as well as audio appeal, attract the audience. Short videos are being more preferred by people nowadays considering the number of reels seen and shared every day. They have become a tool for creators to bring more traffic to their page and many have succeeded in doing so. If you are a creator or someone who is looking to gain traffic these videos might be a great option to start. You can make these videos just using your smartphone and with editing, you can make them look as well as sound professional. You can use any video editor app among the thousands available for you to edit and polish your videos. If you are new to editing videos here are some things you should consider while editing your video:

Color Correction:

 All the professional video editors color grade their videos. Considering the aesthetics that color correction brings to the video, everyone should do it. You will find color correction tools in most video editor for youtube or Instagram apps. What it does is basically highlight certain colors or shades to give the videos a more polished look. A different color scheme is used depending on the emotion or mood of the video.

Crop, Trim & Split:

 If you look at the videos that catch your attention, you might notice that they are quite fast-paced and on the point. While editing you may have an hour-long or more video available, but you need not use all of it. In this case, tools like Trimmer and splitter will help you. Splitter, as the name suggests will help you split your video into small clips to ease the process of editing. On the other hand, a trimmer tool helps you cut your videos at the time frame you want to remove the parts you don’t need. Cropping a video is used to change the perspective or highlight something in a video. You can use a separate video crop or video trimmer app to achieve these results but we recommend using an editing app with all the features mentioned above.

Adding Transitions & Music:

These are the most important things to make your video stand out. Adding music that matches the mood of the video will elevate its aesthetic. Moreover, transitions, if you are following the trend, are all the rage now. New types of transition videos go viral every month. Adding seamless transitions with good music acts as a hook for the audience.

These features are available in most of the video editing apps, the ones that we recommend are MontagePro and Kinemaster for smooth editing. Editing gets better as you practice and experiment. So keep playing with the features and find your style of editing.