Top Reasons to Choose Soundcloud By Upcoming Artists in Comparison to Youtube

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If you have no idea about what is Soundcloud, then this article will help you to understand it better. While many artists still believe that Youtube is the best platform to post their music, but you should know all the benefits of Soundcloud as well. There are several drawbacks of using Youtube. In this article, we will talk about various benefits of using Soundcloud over Youtube –

  • Most of the music videos that are signed by even artists suck due to the low-value budget of the production. These unsigned artists have a budget which is within the range of $0 to $20,000 which is way lower. However, there is a certain exception to this as we have seen a low budget video which did well from indie artists.
  • Being an indie artist, your ideal way of thinking should be the probability that an amazing video can capture the feeling of the song created. Next, the question will be for how many times you can do this. It implies, supposes your album has 12 songs, how many great videos can you make to promote it, say for example 3, 4 or 12.
  • One or two videos can work like that with low or no budget, but after some time you have to do something. Either you have to exceptionally creative, or you need to invest a few hundred bucks per video. Now, the question is about making such high investment and if it is realistic? Your aim should be to save money and even get the targeted audience.

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  • The next issue which will arrive is, for which song you should shoot a video for. You may either go with your instinct or choose the song which is more played by people. However, it is recommended to choose the ladder approach. What you can do is sign up at Soundcloud for promotion. It will help you in recognizing how many times your song has been played as well as in which location.
  • On Youtube, you can see the views or use the viable metric. However, Youtube lacks the social networking effect which is possible with Soundcloud. Youtube shows you the video you like only if you have that particular setting turned on which most of the people don’t. Even if they have turned on, most of the people don’t tend to visit the home page. It is where Youtube lacks being a platform for music promotion.
  • Soundcloud promotion helps in receiving the social media benefit as it allows you to repost the video. When people repost your song, it will show on their page along with on their newsfeed.

Moreover, there is a financial benefit of posting songs on Soundcloud as it helps in saving your money, time, and effort in creating the video.