You can stream Telugu movies free on aha.

The Telugu cinema or Tollywood is a complete house of entertainment. The movies from this industry are well-written and crafted. It has hundreds of movies and shows to entertain its audiences. The Telugu industry produces movies in different genres that include action, comedy, drama, thriller, and romance appreciated and loved by the viewers. The epic stories, eminent filmmakers, and talented actors are the backbone of this flourishing industry. Over the years, the industry has transformed considerably and continued to amuse its audiences. The Tollywood industry has come with an OTT platform, aha, to entertain its audiences worldwide. There are many movies you can stream for free on aha.

Here is a list of some of the movies you can stream for free on aha without any subscription fee.

Metro Kathalo

It is a movie revolving around Hyderabad, a city in which the lives of eight people are facing live changing choices as their fates interlink with each other. However, they are determined to rise above the occasion and rise in life and a little more.

100 Percent Love

The movie is all about on the verge of expressing love, ego arises between the couple, and they part their ways. How they will overcome their ego is shown in the movie.


Style is a movie about a dancer who grooms a boy to strike back to the humiliation he received in his rival’s hands.

Pyar Mein Padipoyane

The movie is all about two childhood friends Chinna and Yukta, who are very close and separated. After some years, love blossoms between them, unaware of the fact that they were childhood friends.


A romantic movie in which Anu falls in love with her boss after observing his helping nature towards his employees. But due to an argument, she decides to leave the company. When Anu returns to save the company from a significant loss, his boss must fight off the feud with his competitor and choose between his past or Anu.


The movie is about a TV reporter challenged by the chief minister in an interview conducted by him to run a state for a day.


The movie is about a story when ACP Bose suddenly goes missing and is framed for the murder of the bank manager. His younger brother Chandu decides to prove his innocence but gets caught up fighting corrupt politicians and underworld mafias.

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