5 Most Romantic Hotels in Bandung

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Bandung has never run out of surprises for Boboers who love travel. Not just for Boers who want to holiday with family, but Bandung also includes a romantic side for Boers who wish to to be together with a partner (which is lawful. With its beautiful natural scenery and serene atmosphere, what is more, comfy than spoiled with a partner? Well here it is, the most romantic hotels in Bandung.

Padma Hotel Bandung

The name Padma Hotel is not separated from the impression of luxury, all of the hotels that are built always offer you elegant luxury with incredible nuances. Complete facilities, in addition to friendly services, really are a focal point for Padma Hotel Bandung. Although the speed of LumaAyan is high while in Padma Bandung Boboers will probably be treated like kings and queens.

The rate at Padma Hotel Bandung, beginning from IDR 1,900,000.

Green Forest Resort

With natural wood colors as its inside and Architecture, Green Forest Resort is one of the beautiful bobo spots that are worth a visit for Boboers that are looking for a romantic setting. In Green Forest, there is also an iconic chapel, suitable for a romantic marriage celebration place. Hotels that are not far from the location of Kampung Gajah also has a magical valley panorama. Ensure Boboers reserve an area with valley view for a maximum romantic atmosphere.

The rate at Green Forest Resort starts from IDR 1,100,000.

Sangria Resort

Lembang does have a green and beautiful hilly Landscape, it is no wonder in this area various hotels are mushrooming with enchanting views, among which is Sangria Resort. With the lush trees surrounding Sangria Resort, this hotel presents a beautiful and intimate natural atmosphere. Coupled with a relaxed atmosphere and total facilities possessed by Sangria Resort Boboers is sure to be at home here.

The rate at Sangria Resort starts from IDR

Driam Riverside Resort

25, Driam Riverside Resort offers a natural romantic texture. As its name suggests, the location of Driam Riverside Resort is indeed on the bank of this CiwideyRiver that has quite heavy currents. From within the room, the noise of the water cannon sounded vaguely giving noise to the Boboers that were tired of hearing the noisy city atmosphere. So far as the eye could see the beautiful hills that are rich blend using the river as a source of life. The selection of rooms is available in 3 forms, Deluxe, Deluxe Riverview, and Suite. The rate starts from IDR 800,000.

Park View Hotel

Situated on Jl. Sukajadi close Paris Van Java, The luxurious and romantic atmosphere of Parisian style is quite active in this Park View Hotel, every inch of the interior within the resort is organized in luxurious and charming detail. Having a rate starting from IDR 600,000, Park View resort can offer a gorgeous romantic style in Paris, so at Paris van Java first.