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The developers also decided to keep up with world trends and first of all “revived”, of course, the one who, judging by street art, is already alive in the hearts of fans. In 2012, Viktor Tsoi appeared on the stage at the Future in Russia exhibition in St. Petersburg. The audience liked the performance, although, from a technical point of view, the holograms, of course, are still far from perfect.

  • At the 30th anniversary of the “King and the Jester” group, fans were able to see Mikhail Gorshenyev on the stage of the deceased in 2013. The legendary Pot appeared in a huge black cube, as if woven from the rays of a searchlight. Not all fans liked this decision, and the image itself did not seem too realistic, however, Andrey Knyazev, the ex-soloist of the group, said in an interview that, in his opinion, Gorshok loved transformations and would undoubtedly approve of such an experiment. When it is about the opera or the concert, then it is for sure that you can have the best deals now.

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Of course, holograms are more successful when the singer himself poses to create them. For example, the performance of our opera diva Anna Netrebko at the Taffy ceremony in 2015 was an overwhelming success. In fact, the singer at that time was on tour in Germany. A huge future is predicted for this technology. The most prudent artists today already “stock up” with holograms made “during their lifetime” so that later on the heirs of their work would not have problems. Yes, and on a tour, perhaps, someday it will be possible to go to several cities at the same time. Although today the development of holographic concerts is hindered by their fair price. In an interview with MTV, developer Nick Smith, the creator of such holograms, said that “The range of investment in using the hologram for one presentation is from 100 to 400 thousand dollars. ” And this is only for one concert, since the transparent screen is disposable. Therefore, if the copyright holders on Amy Winehouse records send it eight years after their death on a world tour, tickets will likely cost a lot. All funds received during the performance will go to a charity created by the singer’s family and will serve to prevent alcohol and drug addiction in adolescents.

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Choose, therefore, the place you prefer (eg. Grandstand , Parterre standing , First ring , Second ring , Prato etc.), specify the number of tickets you wish to purchase through the Number drop-down menu, presses the Put in cart button and affix the check mark next to the option I am not a robot to verify your identity. If, on the other hand, you want to manually select the place to buy by looking at the floor plan of the theater where the event will be held, select the Buy tab via “Choice in Plan” and to buy tickets online