Things to know before planning a party at a pub

If you’re residing in a small apartment in any city, it’s quite hard to host a party at home. Moreover, if it’s a gated community in your apartment, it’s easy to get discouraged from hosting an elaborate party. Luckily, there are full of sleek pubs and savvy hostesses know that where to take the party ahead. Transform a beloved bar into a venue for your next party. You can host a private party to celebrate your anniversary, formal gathering to honor your parent’s anniversary or celebrate your own birthday bash at a bar or pub. Eager to know how it’s done? Here are few things to keep in mind while planning a party.

Plan in advance

Its important to plan at least few weeks before the date of the event; shirt list couple of possible good locations where there is plenty of space and parking facility. You need not control over every detail of the bar, but considering major logistics are important. Look for bar having an isolated place (such as communal table, or upstairs seating), so that you and your family or friends can enjoy over.

Scout it out

Once you’ve decided the location and the type of the event, research for possible pubs or bars that can easily accommodate such themes. Would you like to host a party after 7pm or would like a private dining experience? Would you like to extend happy hours to a dancing party? Answer these questions before you shortlist the pub. If you’re hosting a party in weekends, be sure to check the crowd to get a good feel for the vibe of the pub.

Discuss in detail

You need to discuss with the pub manager or owner to discuss the detail of the party. Go to the pub during a less-crowd time (such as weekdays) to get to know the bartender. Speak with the bar manager regarding your proposed party plan to build a positive relationship with them. Ask manager’s permission for any decorations or outside cake, etc. Tell him how many people you expect in the party, so that pub can hire extra waiters, if necessary.

Know the menu

Know what kind of drinks they serve along with the appetizers and other dishes. You can request for additional dishes, deserts, if feasible.

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