Having the best Time at Night in Toronto

Beach parties, neon lights, rooftop bars and karaoke. What can you expect from Toronto nightlife? Many. The Toronto Nightclubs are there to help you out.

Toronto’s Best Party Destinations

Do you want to enjoy not only beaches but also nightlife in Toronto? Choosing the right party destination depends on what kind of entertainment you are looking for.

Observe the age limit of 20 years

In 2008, the age limit for purchasing and consuming alcohol was raised from 18 to 20 in Toronto. Thus, by law, tourists should also be in their 20s to buy alcoholic beverages and enter clubs. However, in practice, personal papers are rarely sought in Toronto.

When does the party begin?

On the party streets, the atmosphere begins to thicken as soon as dusk descends. The evening starts at restaurants and bars, which can later be switched to clubs. However, in Toronto this is not necessary as many enjoy a relaxing night out in the pubs.

Officially, most bars and nightclubs close at one or two at night, but in the lively party centers, going out is easy until the early hours of the morning.

At popular tourist destinations, you can go to a party anytime, regardless of the day of the week. If you like to party with the locals, Friday and Saturday are the busiest nights.

The dress code will vary overnight in Toronto

It would be easy to assume that Toronto nightlife will do just as well as the beaches. That’s the case at backpackers’ parties: most of the customers wear the same street clothes and toe sandals. However, in Canada’s sophisticated rooftop bars, locals dress in style.

If you plan on visiting the more stylish bars during your stay, such as those associated with luxury hotels, you may want to book at least the coolest shoes.

Karaoke and show shows

Karaoke is an integral part of Toronto nightlife. The locals love karaoke, and don’t shy away from the high and loud echo, even if their own vocals aren’t the best. Join in and have fun! Here, your neighbor is unlikely to walk.

Why drink in bucket in Toronto?

In the islands of Toronto, alcoholic beverages are often sold in a special way. Instead of individual drinks, travelers are offered buckets filled with a bottle of wine, ice, whistles and soft drinks. You can make the mix yourself and share it with your friends. Umbrellas are especially popular with backpackers.

See what you are drinking

In Toronto, it’s worth paying attention to what alcohol you drink and where your drink is. If the drink sounds too cheap or is poured from a suspicious bottle, consider moving elsewhere. It’s not impossible that smaller Cups use self-made liquor as the base for their drinks, which can be life-threatening at worst.