Love and Films: The Romantic Films For You

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A list of tearful and romantic films for those who love crying in front of the screen. Moving and exciting films, love stories or dramatic films brought together by one thing: you need to have handkerchiefs.

Focus of the Directors

Many directors focused on emotions to reach the audience at the box office. A tear-jerking, romantic and sentimental story reaches the heart of the public, touches uncovered nerves and stimulates the senses to the point of causing real crying. Getting excited about a movie is for many a thing to hide. Some deny seeing this type of film but then watching them in private. Nothing wrong with you guys. Some of us avoid crying in public or in front of one’s fiancĂ©e or family members. Feel free to watch these films on your own to give free rein to your emotions.

However, one thing is undeniable: they are always great masterpieces of world cinema that tell fantastic love and friendship stories, touching and involving life stories, sad but often educational. On the contrary, romantic and tear-jerking films, often mistreated by many, are a great resource for cinema lovers, because precisely from this type of film we can draw great lessons on life and how to best face it in times of difficulty. In you can find the best deal.


It doesn’t matter who you are, it doesn’t matter your age or your sex, it doesn’t matter if you are an action movie or horror movie fan. A sentimental film with a tear-jerking effect every now and then takes to reinvigorate the spirit and train the heart muscle. Live the romantic films, therefore.

Good vision

It’s easy enough to notice how different the romantic loves in movies are from the romantic loves in real life.

  • If you have ever seen a romantic comedy, you will certainly be familiar with scenes of declarations of love in public, madly ran to the airport, passionate kisses in the rain.
  • You may also have seen one of those scenes where two strangers meet for the first time in a crowded place and all of a sudden the universe around stops , violins start playing, the eyes recognize each other, as if they knew that from then on, nothing will be as before.
  • In short, the romantic loves on the screen have an intensity and a beauty that manages to make us dream, make us hope that one day the same thing can happen to us.
  • Our perception of love is thus influenced to the point of raising our expectations and making us expect nothing less than a “and they lived happily ever after”.

How realistic are romantic loves in movies?

But how plausible is this vision? How realistic is this hope?

In my opinion, one of the factors that sometimes makes it difficult to live romantic love in real life is the very conception we have of love, especially because of the way it is presented to us in films.

Take the classic British comedy “Love Actually” for example. In it there are different love stories and all of them are born without there being any dialogue that is, without the knowledge of the other person being deepened:

A writer falls in love with the cleaning lady while not speaking his own language, when he subsequently learns some English, he does it to ask her to marry him.